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William Bradley House

Bright Ideas is located at 87-89 York Road, Market Weighton in the 200 year old former home of the tallest ever recorded Englishman "Giant" William Bradley.


Dated about 1815 it has a classic Georgian staircase and some beautiful original features.  The painted false windows on the first and second floors are often believed to be due to the window tax of the time.


Born on 10th February 1787, in the original house on this site, William Bradley was the 4th son of a family of 13 to parents of normal height.  By age 20 he had grown to 7 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 27 stones.  As a young man he found work locally as a farm labourer where his massive stength gave him the power of 2 men.


He then spent some years as "The Yorkshire Giant" travelling with a group of showmen and was presented before His Majesty King George III who gave him a gold watch and chain which he wore for the rest of his life.


He retired to his hometown of Market Weighton around 1815 and on the site of the house where he was born had a home specially built for him with large rooms, high ceilings and tall doorways.  Many of the original features of the house remain.


He died on 30th May 1820 aged 33 years, his body now rests inside All Saints Church in Market Weighton, he is celebrated as an important part of the town's history with an annual Giant Bradley Day celebration and a Giant Bradley Heritage Trail.


When you visit Bright Ideas you will see the plaque erected on the wall showing the size of Giant Bradley's footprint which was erected by the Market Weighton Civic Trust.





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